Photography is Picture Language. The only Language everyone understands.

Thanks for visiting our website. Our hobby is Nature Photography and we want to share the results with you. We present a selection of our pictures and we hope you will enjoy it. Besides the fun we feel while taking pictures in the nature we try, by presenting our pictures, to make a contribution to a better understanding of God's Creation. We humans are not alone on the planet earth. Please respect our "roommates". Don't bustle through your life. Pay attention to the natures details, since they are much more beautiful than you might have felt before.

Juergen Dix and Michael Schwarz

Note: These pages are currently under construction. We are working on the design and an update of all galleries. Please be patient and come back soon. Thank you!

Learn to see

Everyone who can see, can take pictures.
But learning to see can take a long time.

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All pictures at may NOT be used without the express written permission of
Juergen Dix and Michael Schwarz. Copyright is owned by Juergen Dix & Michael Schwarz.

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